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[ken-sho] • Japanese
(n.) seeing one’s (true) nature, enlightenment

Kensho is an international branding studio in graphic design, webdesign and content creation. Kensho is japanese and means the state of being enlightened and see something’s true nature. So that’s exactly what we do: we dig all to the roots of your identity, your nature, to shape and design your exclusive brand professionally to stand out.

We get to the core of your motivation and this great understanding helps us design successful visual outcomes for your brand. This is your ticket to pure and true connection with your ideal client, put yourself in the expert position and the business growth you’ve been wanting to achieve.


Logo design
Web design
Content creation
Print design
Creative coaching


Hi I’m Kim; Branding Designer- and Expert and founder of Kensho. With over 8 years of experience in Marketing, Communication and Design I’m you’re person to build your exclusive and professional brand. With my talent to tune into your brand and true identity, my outspoken eye for everything visual and with a curiosity of what motivates you, I help you build a brand that makes you grow and stand out. 

kenshō portfolio

Logo Design coffee cafe, specialy coffee
Packagaing design beauty products

part 1


branding concept

We get to the core of who you are, your unique identity. We discover your goals and vision in an in-depth questionnaire. We determine your target audience. From there we create your visual direction. This is the foundation of your brand strategy and visibility.

part 2



Let’s get to the real work: design! In this phase, wedesign your branding, in which all elements and the full essence of your brand identity is translated into meaningful and recognizable design. Your logo and your unique branding elements.

part 3



Let’s get you out there! Here we create the implementation and complete design of your most important marketing materials such as your website, online assets (social media templates, graphics, ebooks, etc.) and offline communications (business cards, packaging, flyers, etc.). This way your brand will sell itself and connect with your audience.

how we work

kensho design studio branding


Time to get to know each other! Are you ready for the next step in your business? To present yourself authentically, professionally and exclusively?
You came to the right place. 

Let’s have a coffee on Zoom, and tell me about your big business plans!