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kensho creative branding studio

[ken-sho] • Japanese
(n.) seeing one’s (true) nature, enlightenment

Kensho is an international branding studio in graphic design, webdesign and content creation. Kensho is japanese and means the state of being enlightened and see something’s true nature. So that’s exactly what we do: we dig all to the roots of your identity, your nature, to shape and design your exclusive brand professionally to stand out: your unique visual identity to make conscious and positive impact with your brand.

◖exclusive positioning so that you make more impact and profit in your business

◖attracting your target audience, making your marketing more efficient, and your business more effortless

◖ top notch and professional appearance that puts you in expert status, so that you immediately gain the trust of your ideal customer.

Kenshō therefore translates your personality into professionalism. We fit you the perfect jacket to present your brand with impact, inspire your audience and thereby create positive change. Let’s go.

you came to the right place.
you’re ready to attract more clients, more impact ánd more turnover. that’s what we’re gonna do together.

Founder, Creative Director & Designer

My name is Kimberley, but that’s quite a mouth full, isn’t it?! Friends call me Kim, and so can you.

Together we discover the true essence of your brand, to translate this into an indelible impression with your ideal customer. This is how we lift your brand to the level of professionalism and positive impact.


Logo design
Web design
Digital + Print design
Branding Consults

That’s what they said

Thinking along, flexible and also visually and creatively very strong. Kensho designed my brand style, logo, website and e-book. Time and again I am amazed by the beautiful result! It fits extremely well with who I am, and with what I want to radiate.

Niels, Coach op Wielen

I love working with Kim! Her approach is very perosnal and that makes the collab so much easier and fun, because after all we are building my brand together. I loved the process, you listen and it’s like you manifest exactly what I ask.
Very elegant, classic and very professional. Thank you for everything and I’m looking forward to keeping creating my beautiful brand.

Diana, Skin By Diana Lev

It was a breath of fresh air to work with you because you have such a good sense of what I mean and very few people can do that. Super proud of the result and glad I had the opportunity to get to know you!
Stephanie, Spiritual Business Mentor

How we work

1. branding analyse

The kick off.  Let’s kick off. We really want to get to know your and your business. Get ready for a valuable and fun introduction. This is a journey of discovery to your core, in which we dive deep into the true essence of your brand. We analyze your organization to build a sustainable concept, based on its connection with your goals, and audience.

2. branding concept

We got to the core, and we have the right insights of your essence and distinctiveness. With your goal in mind, we create a branding concept: the first step towards your new brand identity. With this we make the first contours of your brand visible, by means of color and atmosphere. In this way we coordinate the right direction for your corporate identity together.

3. branding design

The creation of your new identity. In this phase, all fundamental elements come together in the design of your new corporate identity. With your unique brand identity you position yourself exclusively and professionally in the market. This way you make an impact with your target group and they confidently say YES to your brand.

4. branding in work

Get out there! Now we take you to the stage, by creating the implementation and full design of your most important marketing materials such as your website, online assets (social media templates, graphics, ebooks, etc.) and offline expressions (stationary, packaging, advertising material, etc.). In this way, your brand makes an impact with your audience, and it starts selling itself.

free branding
check in

you came to the right place. It’s time to make impact! Do you want to take your brand to the next level, or do you have a branding questions?

Schedule your free 1:1 branding check in (30 min), and get ready to create impact and positive change with your brand!



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