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Kim Schouten started as a freelancer in 2012, and is working as a creative all rounder ever since.

Graduated in Trendwatching and Concept Development, she always had an outspoken eye for everything visual.

Together with a curiosity of what people motivates, she decided to use her creative gifts to help passionate business owners find their brand style and confidence.

Your passion is what drives her. Oh, and good coffee.

Kim gets to the core of your (brand)identity to translate this into custom identity designs that let your brand speaks for itself intentionally. Ingredients? A lot of her creativity, love, care and attention. 

For both inside and outside the Kenshō studio, she has an minimalistic approach to live: skip the nonsense and focus on the essentials, because pure beauty and happiness is in the authentic things.


branding expert and designer Kim Schouten

kenshō puts personality into professionalism

Kenshō is Japanese for the zen experience, the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened. When one’s own nature is seen for what it truly is. 


Kenshō digs all to the roots of your identity, your nature, to shape and design your brand.
We get to the core of your motivation and mindset, because that’s what tickles our fancy and gets us going (together with good coffee). This great understanding helps us design successful visual outcomes for your brand.  


Kenshō puts personality into professionalism. To do so, we forget about all the rules and go back to real communication: we genuinely want to get to know you. We thrive on long-term and valuable relationships so we can grow together and celebrate every tiny victory (yes, we’re becoming friends).  

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