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Kim Schouten started as a freelancer in 2012, and is working as a creative all rounder ever since.

Graduated in Trendwatching and Concept Development, she always had an outspoken eye for everything visual.

Together with a curiosity of what people motivates, she decided to use her creative gifts to help passionate business owners find their brand style and confidence.

Your passion is what drives her. Oh, and good coffee.

Kim gets to the core of your (brand)identity to translate this into custom identity designs that let your brand speaks for itself intentionally. Ingredients? A lot of her creativity, love, care and attention. 

For both inside and outside the Kenshō studio, she has an minimalistic approach to live: skip the nonsense and focus on the essentials, because pure beauty and happiness is in the authentic things.


branding expert and designer Kim Schouten

kenshō puts personality into professionalism

Kenshō is Japanese for the zen experience, the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened. When one’s own nature is seen for what it truly is. 


Kenshō digs all to the roots of your identity, your nature, to shape and design your brand.
We get to the core of your motivation and mindset, because that’s what tickles our fancy and gets us going (together with good coffee). This great understanding helps us design successful visual outcomes for your brand.  


Kenshō puts personality into professionalism. To do so, we forget about all the rules and go back to real communication: we genuinely want to get to know you. We thrive on long-term and valuable relationships so we can grow together and celebrate every tiny victory (yes, we’re becoming friends).  

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Got some questions? Lucky we got the anwers for you below!

Building your brand is a big deal, so we can imagine you’re left with some questions for your unique situation.
Feel free to reach out to us in any way that you feel comfortable with via our contact page!

Looking forward to meet you.

How does the process work?

Whether you’re looking for a magical and magnetic new brand identity design or a professional website, our process is super clear and streamlined so you can start attracting your dream clients in just a few of steps:

01. discover
We get to the core of who your are, your unique identity. We cover your audience, goals, and vision an in-depth questionnaire. From there we create the initial creative direction for your brand.

02. brand identity
The initial creative direction: this is your  brand presentation with all the fixings (your brand story, your audience determinationa and visual direction (moodboardan colour palette). The foundation of your strategy and visibilty. 

03. brand design
Let’s start the creation process! We design your logo, website, online assests (content, graphics, ebooks etc) and offline branding blocks (business cards, packaging, flyers etc.). After, you can show your business with confidence and connect with yur audience intentionally. 

Every project is custom designed, do together we will create the best workable way for both of us to get the best results!


What do I need to provide?

it’s a co-creation process! Where we thrive to take take away as much as work and effort from your side so you can d what you really love, we need some input!

For brand identity design: We’ll need your completed branding questionnaire and feedback on initial concept presentations.

For website design: To start the web designs, we need good quality content in terms of text an (personal) photo’s. 
On this note, strategic and professional copywriting and photography will help your brand & website like no other. Your website is your number one marketing tool that works for you 24/4, so it better be good!  So since it’s time to level up your brand, we firmly believe that goes for your photography and content as well. If you don’t have this yourself, ofcourse we’re here to help in that!

How long will our project take?

It depends on the size of the project ofcourse. Full brand identity design / webdesign projects typically takes around 8 weeks to complete. Seperate deliverables can be delivered to you in even 2 weeks (also size dependent). 
If you have a specific timeline in mind, let us know and we can try to work within that! Please note that the main thing that dictates the length of the project, does also really depends on how long our clients take to respond to our communication. 

How does billing work?

Projects are mostly broken down into halves, depending on the scope and length of the project. All projects will require a 50% down payment before we start off. No fine print here, this is just to secure your project slot on our studio calendar. Once we get to the middle or end of the project, remaining payments will be billed to you.  Additional services or revision rounds  have custom cost based on our clients’ needs.
If you wish to pay in more than two terms, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


Is het tijd om nu écht voor je business te gaan staan, maar weet je niet hoe je moet beginnen? Sluit jouw branding wel aan bij jouw identiteit en die van de doelgroep? Of een andere brandende branding vraag?

Schrijf je nu in voor een GRATIS 30 minute check-in, en maak de volgende stap voor je merk!